Full Day$25
Full Day 5 pack$115
Full Day 10 pack$210
Full Day 20 pack$380
Half Day* $15
Half Day 10 pack$130
Full Day 20 pack$240

‚ÄčDaycare Pricing

Pre-paid packages offer a discounted rate on visits.  

Day care hours: Monday- Friday 7am- 6pm

Multi dog rates are available on packages

*Less than 5 hours

We ask after the initial evaluation, you bring your dog in by 8am for the first few visits. 

Boarding Pricing        $40 for 24 hours

                                     $20 additional for late check out

               * see boarding page for more information

14 Hanover Street          781-826-9525

Hanover, Ma                   info@k-9to5.net