Once your dog is accepted, he can come for day care and use our boarding services.  We offer day rates or you can prepay with package rates.  A half day is 5 hours or less, over 5 hours is a full day and we have packages for both.  Our packages do not expire, and you can use your days anytime.  We are open for day care Monday-Friday 7 am - 6pm. We also accommodate your lifestyle, allowing drop off and pick up at your convenience. 

If dogs are not picked up by 6:00 p.m., owners will be charged a private care premium of $10 per fifteen minutes or fraction thereof past 6:00 p.m.

Day Care

14 Hanover Street          781-826-9525

Hanover, Ma                   info@k-9to5.net

All our dogs are screened for behavioral soundness and temperance. We accept dogs based on their good behavior and compatibility with both people and other dogs.  Our dogs interact with all dogs of all sizes so they are socialized properly with both big and small dogs.   Please call or fill out the form below to arrange a free temperance test for your dog to be accepted into our play group.  We require all day care and boarding dogs to have rabies, distemper and the kennel cough vaccine.  We strongly recommend the canine influenza vaccine as well.  Dogs must be licensed through your town. 

Inquiry Form

Please fill out to schedule an evaluation.  Evaluations are scheduled Monday- Friday before 8:00 a.m.


The free evaluation will allow us to see how your dog interacts with the staff and the other dogs in your absence. Your dog will be introduced to the other dogs one by one, at a pace they are comfortable with, so they do not become overwhelmed.  The first visit is just for two hours.  Most dogs jump right in once they make a friend, some may need more time to get used to making friends.  

The evaluation lets us determine your dog's limitations and how to proceed to integrate them.  We schedule evaluations Monday - Friday mornings.  Please bring vaccination records and town license information in with you. 

At K-9 to 5, we treat your dog as part of our family.  We take pride in providing safe playtime for your dog.  We do everything possible to ensure a safe, clean, healthy environment for all the dogs. With the owner on premises full time, we get to know all our dogs very well, providing personal care that is unique from other day cares. 

Lots of our clients tell us the exercise and playtime their dogs get, usually tires even the highest energy dogs!
Socialization is one of the best benefits of day care, therefore we have small dogs and big dogs play together, although we do have separate areas for dogs with different activity levels if needed.

Our 1800 sq. ft. facility is fully licensed and insured.  It is air conditioned and heated for your dog's comfort. Our staff is always present to monitor playtime and facilitate appropriate socialization interactions. We can arrange lunch feedings for young puppies.