Your Dog's Stay With Us

We recommend your dog visits us for day care a few times before an extended stay.  That way they get to meet our dogs, make friends and get used to the routine of the day.  This also gives our staff a chance to get to know your dog, so we will be able to provide individual care for your dog.  We will know if something is outside of normal behavior, physically or mentally.  It also gives us a chance to become friends with your dog, which will make them feel more comfortable for their stay.   

Your dog will start their day with breakfast and then go to day care.  We will arrange a free evaluation prior to any boarding reservations to introduce your dog to the other dogs and the staff.  They will have a fun day with all their friends, lunch can be arranged for puppies.  At the end of the day they go into their own room, for down time and dinner.  They are let out before lights out for bedtime!  We find after a full day of day care, they appreciate their own quiet space and generally even the highest energy dogs are asleep for the night.  We know it is hard to leave your dog and we try to make it as comfortable and unstressful as possible for both you and your dog.

We put a lot of thought into making our boarding as comfortable as possible for your dog’s stay. Our custom built rooms give your dog individual space to eat and have down time.  They walk over from day care at night in anticipation for their dinner and to relax after a busy day of fun.  We have found the dogs are pretty tired at the end of the day and appreciate their own space to relax in at night.  In the morning after breakfast, they are walked back to day care…and they know the fun that awaits them there!  

Due to high demand, a non-refundable, 50% deposit, and cancellation fees may apply.


Packing Tips for your dog's long stay:

  • Pack an extra meal or two in case of unexpected travel delays
  • Administer flea/tick/heartworm medicines prior to a long stay
  • Be sure your dog's nails are neatly trimmed
  • Have emergency contact information for us to have on file
  • Confirm pick up times when you drop off, notify us of any changes.
  • ​​An overnight stay is $50 for a 24 hour period.
  • Overnight stay includes 1 day of day care. Late check out is an additional fee of $25.

  • Staff is on site overnight.
  • Limited space provides personal attention to your dog.  Please make reservations early. 
  • Air conditioned and heated for your dog’s comfort.

  • Pack your dog’s food and a blanket, we provide hypo-allergenic nylon hammocks and individual bowls for food and water​

​Need a short stay? We offer an overnight stay for $35. Drop off after 4pm, pick up by 10 am.

14 Hanover Street          781-826-9525

Hanover, Ma         

*If your dog is not a regular daycare dog, we may require 2 days of day care prior to your reservation, in order for your dog to be acclimated to the day care environment.

Check in and Check out

Monday - Friday at Day Care Lobby 7am -6pm

Weekends and Holidays at Boarding Lobby 8am-10am or 4pm-6pm

The Rooms

The kennel room is a double walled room for soundproofing, reducing outside noise from disrupting your dog's downtime.  Traffic noises, thunder and lighting, fireworks, etc. are greatly reduced inside the kennel room.  There are also sound absorbers inside the kennel to reduce noise inside the rooms.

The lighting is on a dimmer and simulates daylight so we can naturally light the kennels into night time and daylight.  We play the cd Through a Dog’s Ear, music therapy for canine anxiety as an added comfort.

We always have staff on site overnight.  The entire facility is monitored by security cameras, that we can access if we are not on site ourselves, and everything is recorded for peace of mind of our staff as well as the dogs. We also have an alert system in place to alert us to a change in temperature in case of equipment failure.

There are 11 rooms that are 5 ft. by 5 ft.  They were custom built for us  to give your dog ample space to feel relaxed in for a stress free stay.  We provide hypo-allergenic nylon hammocks for sleeping.  You can pack a blanket, towel, mat, etc. if your dog is used to sleeping with it a home.  For small dogs who crate, feel free to bring their crate.  They are all equipped with fast feeders and individual stainless steel bowls for eating and water.  We have lockers to store their belongings in, so you can bring a bedtime treat or after dinner chew toy that is safe.  The kennel doors have double secured latches and are tempered glass so the dogs are able to see their friends.